Why Should You Opt for Separation Instead of Divorce?


It is estimated that there are close to 2,400 marriages that end in divorce each and every day. As a consequence of this, it is safe to assume that you are acquainted with a member of your immediate family or a close acquaintance who has been through the process of being divorced. Divorce is not always the best choice though, especially if you are still dependent on your spouse for certain benefits such as health insurance. In this case, you may want to consider other alternatives.

It is advisable to consult with an experienced Sandy divorce lawyer if you need specific answers about your legal options.

What are the positive aspects of obtaining a divorce?

A legal separation is an arrangement that is also ordered by the court. A married couple that has been legally separated will continue to live together but will otherwise have separate lives. The couple will still need to make decisions regarding issues like child custody, child support, the division of property and assets, and spousal support, just as they would if they were getting a divorce. The couple is free to date other people; but, marriage is not permitted unless both parties agree to end their current marriage first.

In many instances, a couple who is on the fence about divorcing one another will elect to legally separate in order to buy themselves some time to consider whether or not this course of action is in their best interests. Additionally, if the couple prefers to remain married in order to take advantage of certain tax or health insurance benefits, the best alternative for them is to obtain a legal separation instead of divorce.

Why Go With a Legal Separation Instead of Getting Divorced

Even though it is not as popular as divorce, separation can still be advantageous to those couples who want to go through with it. Rather than being divorced, you might consider getting a legal separation for the following reasons:

  • You may not be allowed to divorce for religious reasons (for example, your religion forbids it).
  • In case of insurance concerns (one spouse may not want their health insurance affected)
  • It might be best for you both to take some time to decide whether divorce is for you or not.
  • An initial trial separation can be undertaken by the couple to figure out if it is possible to repair their marriage.
  • To keep your marriage on paper for financial reasons (it might make sense to continue your marriage on paper).

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