What is gambling addiction and what are its consequences?


Gambling addiction or gambling addiction is a mentally and socially dangerous addiction of a person to computer and gambling games. This severe pathology is a progressive disease, the development of which occurs at the level of the individual. The game overshadows the person who is addicted to it all other aspects of life. The disease is always accompanied by serious mental disorders and the appearance of problems in many areas of life. Despite the fact that live in-play betting is a good way to earn money quickly, you should be careful about this entertainment and always control your finances.

What is gambling?

This term means a serious addictive disease, standing on the same level as alcoholism and drug addiction. If we consider the classification of gambling addiction, it will look like this:

Ludomania or gambling

These terms denote an irresistible craving for gambling with unpleasant consequences arising from this. Ludomania is the most destructive kind of disease. This pathological addiction is quite difficult to cure, since most people consider this serious problem an innocent hobby. It is not considered a source of danger and is not sought to be treated. However, this opinion is fundamentally wrong, since gambling is a very dangerous mental illness that brings a lot of problems to the addict. This pathology is considered the most massive problem of our time.

Gambling addiction

A form of addiction, consisting in an irresistible addiction to online computer games. This dependence is most characteristic of children and adolescents, however, adults often become gamers. Game addiction allows an addicted person to hide in virtual reality from real life. The most popular are multiplayer role-playing games, such as MMORPG or Fortnite, which are played by a huge number of users around the world. The main feature of the formation of this form of gaming addiction is the desire of the player to escape from reality by realizing himself in the virtual world.

Features of various forms of gambling

A psychological disorder that leads to the loss of a person’s ability to control and restrain the desire to participate in the lottery, play a computer game or place a bet is often compared with drug addiction, since it is very difficult to treat and an addict with such an addiction needs constant help from a psychologist. Separately, it is worth noting that gambling and gambling addiction have no age restrictions: people of different ages can become addicted to gambling and online games. Social status also does not play a significant role in the development of gambling addiction.

Features of pathological addiction to gambling

A distinctive feature of this type of dangerous addiction is the fixation of an inadequate sense of excitement on the psycho-emotional level. Winnings in online casinos, bookmakers, slot machines are usually completely random. But they have a very bad role in the development of the disease – they fuel the desire of the player to make more and more new bets in order to get a big win in the end.

The gambler does not even think about the fact that most often he “bets” much more than he receives later. The reverse situation is extremely rare and is rather considered an exception. There are a large number of varieties of gambling:

  • card games for money (preference, poker);
  • draws, various quizzes and lotteries;
  • online casino;
  • slot machines and other gambling entertainment.

All of the listed varieties of this form of gambling addiction, which at one time had great popularity offline, have not lost it even now, despite the fact that they are no longer legal. Currently, you can play for money mainly only on the Internet. This is a serious danger: if earlier gambling was a hobby exclusively for adults (underage teenagers were not allowed in land-based casinos), then after they switched to online mode, the age boundaries blurred, and now even children can easily access them using gadgets.

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