Top 5 Best Batsmen Of Australia Over The Years


Australians are perhaps the best cricket country all over the globe, and they are the single squad in the globe that has nearly consistently had a strong batting order at their command.

The Australian team has formed several of the top batters in the globe throughout its cricket history, which is maybe one reason why the squad has been so dominant for so long.

Many squads in the globe, with the possible exception of team West Indies, can claim to have had such a diverse group of elite batsmen across their cricketing history based on headlines cricket.

5. Steve Smith

Smith is now the top Test batter in the globe by a significant margin. The player who joined Australia’s side in 2010 as a leg-spin bowler is on track to emerge as one of the country’s biggest batters.

Although Steven Smith’s method isn’t likely to be one that would get cricketing instructors to pay attention, it has recently been demonstrated to be quite successful all around the globe. Steve Smith has made runs on the grassy fields of the UK, the bumpy grounds of Australians, as well as spin-friendly dusty bowls of Indians. Steve is comfortable at home grounds versus all types of bowlers.

There aren’t many flaws in his hitting, and the games he performed during the initial Ashes match this year that gave Australians a 1-0 lead additionally demonstrate his exceptional skills as a batter.

His astounding avg of 61.23 has allowed him to amass 5511 runs throughout 57 Test matches thus far.

Aside from that, Smith already has made 21 hundred in his cricketing life and is on track to add a lot further. Smith is what analysts refer to as a “busy athlete” in restricted overs matches, even though Smith would wish to boost that track, Smith has frequently shown himself as a match-changing athlete for Australians in the smaller formats of the match.

4. Michael Hussey

Perhaps one of Australia’s best batsmen, regarded as “Mr. Cricket,” would have to wait until he was nearly at the age of 29 before making his debut in international cricket games. But once Michael did, Michael rose to become among the best batters in the globe throughout all 3 match types.

Michael Hussey, a left-hand cricketer, can stand his own versus any bowlers and bat with a tenacity that was unsurpassed in the globe. He began his cricketing career as an opener but performed for Australians in the middle order throughout all forms.

In Michael’s eight-year cricketing career, Michael participated in 79 Test matches and amassed 6345 runs with an extremely remarkable avg of 51.52. Throughout Test games, he amassed 19 hundred and 29 fifties.

He played in 185 ODI one-day international matches, scoring 5442 runs with a scoring rate of 87.15, with an avg of 48.15.

In Twenty20 matches, he had been a dangerous batter and helped Australians win several close matches alone.

3. Michael Clarke 

In 2015, retired Australian skipper Michael Clarke announced his retirement, solidifying his status as among the game’s all-time best batters. He rose to the position of the fourth-highest run-maker for Australians in both Test games and ODI one-day internationals because of his overall batting prowess.

He made his international match debut in 2004 versus India at Bangalore during his Test match debut, scoring an outstanding hundred on a ground that was slipping. He added 27 more throughout the following ten or so years.

When Michael Clarke was on the field, it was frequently challenging for bowling sides to get past him because of his skill versus both pacers and spinners. Additionally, Michael was a natural attacker who wanted to control bowls throughout all moments. Before Michael began to play little restricted overs matches, he had a stellar beginning in ODI one-day internationals as well as for a long period was among the top batsmen in the globe. Even though, Michael played in the formats and amassed 7981 runs, including 8 hundred and 58 fifties.

He retired from restricted overs matches after helping Australians to win the World Cup 2015 for the fifth time overall.

2. Ricky Ponting

Throughout his approximately 17-year playing tenure, retired Australian skipper Ricky Ponting led his country in batting, and Ponting is rightfully regarded as one of the match’s all-time greats.

In Test games and ODI one-day internationals, Ricky Ponting’s fiercely aggressive hitting shattered the core of the majority of assaults, making Australians one of the maximum challenging sides to face during the 2000s.

Ponting averaged 51.85 and maintained a scoring rate of 58.72 throughout 168 Test games, which shows that Ponting was a batter who frequently made huge runs too rapidly. Whenever that occurs, the opponent is nearly usually forced on the defensive, therefore it’s not surprising that Australians frequently hit nearly 4 runs per over throughout those times. With such a maximum of 13378 runs as well as an astounding 41 test hundreds, Ricky holds the record for most runs hit in Australia’s cricket history.

Ponting was an equally destructive batter in ODI one-day internationals, scoring 13704 runs with an 80.39 scoring rate as well as an average of 42.03 runs. Ponting played in third position for Australians in 3 World Cup victories, and also served as skipper in the year 2003 and 2007 tournaments.

He nearly solo decided the World Cup 2003 final by scoring among the finest century in the competition ever. Ponting was unmatched.

1. Donald Bradman

Lord Donald Bradman, sometimes called “A Don,” is without a doubt the best batter to ever perform in games. To the present day, no batsman from whatever nation has ruled cricket to such a same extent as Donald did throughout his 20-year cricketing tenure.

His 99.94 avg across 52 Test games is still unmatched, and it might be argued that the mark will stand for as far as the Test game is conducted.

Before the phrase “score machine” even entered the conversation, Australia’s legend was one.

 Donald Bradman never attended a cricket institute and didn’t get any official coaching from a qualified instructor. Donald was among the most dangerous batter of his day with his in-house strategy and natural hitting abilities.

Donald once even made a triple hundred in just one day, which is unheard of today and likely never will be. In reality, English skipper Douglas Jardine needed to employ Bodyline strategies in 1932 during an attempt to control his propensity for making runs.

He continues to be an incredible titan of the matches, and his renowned run-scoring was a result of both his captivating batsmanship and his high avg. He amassed 34 Tests centuries, including two triple centuries, and for several years his total of centuries was the highest.

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