The Science of Super Bowl Snacks: How to Fuel Your Game Day Party


When it comes to Super Bowl food, from party ideas and the best snacks to the top appetizers, everyone is gearing up for the game day. The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 12, 2023, and there are delectable food ideas to make your party perfect. 

Whether your plans include football-shaped pepperoni pizza or pop cake cupcakes on the 50-yard line of a tablecloth, sports fans go BIG with their Super Bowl snack selections. Here’s how to pull out all the delicious stops with your game-day spreads.  

Do Your Game Day Prep Work 

Before you focus on your yummy sides and other dishes, plan for the big day as some guests will arrive early for the pre-game buzz. They also want to stand around and have a crisp microbrew while they discuss IRs, the half-time show, and MVP. 

With all the talk about over/under, spreads, money lines, and parlays, upgrade your high-speed internet as fans will be looking for sites to bet on the Super Bowl

Interesting Super Bowl Food Facts 

While the name “Super Bowl” did not appear until 1969, fans always enjoyed food at the games. Here are other fun Super Bowl facts: 

●  Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd largest food holiday behind Thanksgiving.

●  Fans will consume around 12.5 million pizzas and 1.4 billion wings (no fowl here!).

●  Around 14 million burgers will go on the grill (second only to the 4th of July).

●  Half of Americans prefer ranch dressing on their wings, while folks will consume 8 million pounds of guac.

●  Hungry stadium fans will eat over 40,000 hot dogs and sausages, and drink 325 million gallons of beer

●  In the US, people will eat over 100 million pounds of chicken wings on game day.

●  And over 1.5 million Americans will call out sick the next day! 

Buffalo Chicken Wings 

Finger foods like buffalo wings are a big winner for Super Bowl parties, especially when you offer different versions of wings. 

Top choices to keep the roster full include spicy wings, tangy, salsa-spiced, and honey mustard. Serve them up with red sauce or Ranch-style dressing. 

If you want to avoid all the mess, make the wings in the air fryer, and they will come out extra crispy (or hand out bibs and paper towels).  

Meatballs (Apps, Subs, Pizza) 

If you want inspiration for your game day celebration, get your “ball” game ready with meatballs. 

Try half-dollar-sized meatball appetizers with flavors like a taco with guac, barbecue, or Chipotle. 

For large portions, stuff zesty baseball-sized meatballs in your hoagies and load up on fixings (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, pickles). 

Burgers and Sliders (Meat, Meatless) 

Always crowd-pleasing, burgers, and sliders are popular because you can level up with all kinds of tasty ingredients. 

Try a new spin with add-ons like bacon, Krispy Kreme donuts, flavored chips, and jalapeno poppers, or go for traditional brats and beer. Make different burgers and slider versions everyone can enjoy (chicken, ground beef, turkey, meatless, pulled pork). 

Flavorful slider ideas include: 

●  Asian BBQ pulled pork, baked ham, and Colby, BBQ chicken, cheesy meatball

●  Chicken parm, pineapple pizza on Hawaiian rolls, chili dog sliders, gyros

●  Southwestern, portobello and sweet potato, impossible burger meatloaf 

Fries, Potato Skins, and Onion Rings 

Fries, potato skins, and onion rings are filling, cheap, and easy to make. 

Consider steak fries or crinkle-cut fries from Five Guys or Nathan’s. The best dipping sauces include mayo and sriracha, cheese sauce, guacamole, artichoke, ranch and buffalo sauce, chili, or spicy mustard. 

Look for onion rings in your frozen food aisle (Wegmans, TGI Fridays, Costco, Sam’s Club) for lightly or heavily seasoned beer batter versions. 

Subs and Hoagies 

A self-serve hoagie or subway station means guests can help themselves. Include fun ingredients like beer dip, onion dip, or bean dip. If you order ahead online (Subway, Quiznos, Jimmy John’s), take requests to ensure everyone has what they want. 

Best Super Bowl sandwich ideas include: 

●  Italian sausage and sweet onion, chicken and bacon ranch,

●  roast beef and provolone, Philly cheesesteak with bell peppers and onions

●  Herb-roasted pork subs with garlicky spinach, five-spice chicken banh mi 

Snack Smart 

No one wants to ask, “Who made the potato salad?” on the way to the ER. Avoid a food poisoning flag on the play: 

●  Keep all meats, dips, eggs, and mayonnaise on ice to avoid microbial growth and foodborne illnesses.

●  Serve all meats hot straight from the oven or keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them. 

●  Foods to avoid eating at room temperature (2 hours or longer) include cooked rice, eggs, meat, seafood, cut fruit, and leftovers.

●  Peel and wash all fruits and vegetables and wash your hands thoroughly. Wash meats last to avoid spreading salmonella. Wipe your sink, countertops, and other surfaces down.

●  If you grill, never put cooked meat on the same tray or plate as raw meat, and thaw meat in the refrigerator, over cold water, or in the microwave.

●  To avoid undercooked foods, use a food or meat thermometer and cook meats, eggs, cookie dough, cake batter, flour, and seafood to their proper temperatures. 

The CDC food safety tips suggest: 


Pork roast, lamb, beef brisket, fish fillet 


Ground beef, egg dishes 


Ground turkey, turkey, chicken, leftovers 

Tailgate Touchdown! 

Gearing up for the big game means rounding up irresistible and crave-worthy dishes hungry fans want. If you order online (Uber Eats, DoorDash, restaurant sites), order early to avoid delays. Because everyone will want more, ensure you have generous portions so your attendees can eat like champions (and you will not run out by half-time).

Have standby snacks like chips and dip, nachos, nuts, and brownies guests can snack on. Ideas for dessert might include an ice cream sundae station. Consider beer on tap, kegs, juices, sodas, and water. 

Score big by searching online for “Pinterest game day food ideas” or try “best game day fixings” for more Super Bowl party ideas. Game on!

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