SafeGraph, a data service company, announced it had become the first series B fundraiser by raising $45 million.

It can be blithely conceded that it has been an incredible year for SafeGraph. The need for geospatial data was already in demand pre-pandemic period; however, the real challenges were faced during the Covid when the organization relied on the places data. The reason SafeGraph mobility proved to be quite useful to the people as it showed the way local landscapes continue to change and the way it impacts travel, tours, and shopping. At this uncertain, many of the prominent companies have turned to SafeGraph as a truth set for the physical world.

In light of the present pandemic, SafeGraph has made it possible to create a community with 7000 data scientists. That has resulted in publishing as many as 300 academic papers published under SafeGraph data journalist at major outlets such as USA Today, Washington Post, and Fortune.

It is a fact that over the past years, SafeGraph has seen a demand for places data among customers that includes GIS technology. The senior manager of the market said that since the beginning of the data sourcing SafeGraph has been providing comprehensive POI, which is an absolutely invaluable service.

The CEO of SafeGraph coins that they are excited to partner with Cathy Gao and the team of Sapphire venture. CEO Cathy has the ballistic capability to bring excellent ideas on the table that is redefining SafeGraph.

SafeGraph is also hoping to find new customers by capitalizing on and expanding the data buyers. SafeGraph is destined to adapt to the present scenario where customers need various things as far as places data is concerned.

Today SafeGraph has a few exciting things to offer that is foot traffic and polygon building for the United States and Canada.

About SafeGraph

SafeGraph is a company that helps in building truth sets for physical; places with organizations like Ares Management and Sysco. The high precession data provided by the SafeGraph is steered in the direction of foot traffic and spatial hierarchy.

About sapphire ventures

Sapphire venture is a company that partners with a leading company to build companies out of consequence. For nearly two decades, Sapphire has been dedicatedly delving into investing and funding companies that focus on technology worldwide. Sapphire venture and companies have also extended their geographical boundaries by teaming with members from Austin, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and London.

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