Reasons to Outsource Enterprise Application Development Services


Are you looking forward to hiring a software developer to develop a suitable smartphone application for your business? Great! However, before you post a job ad, pause for a second. There may be a better alternative to hiring an in-house developer.

Yes, we are talking about outsourcing application development services. Also, if you’re here, you have probably already considered it. However, is it worth leaving the already proven in-house model for something relatively new and not enough?

What is outsourcing?

Sometimes a business decides it does not want to spend extra money and time on the new employee’s perks and benefits, health insurance, etc. However, some tasks require to be conducted even if the business lacks the necessary resources to hire full-time internal staff. So what are they doing instead? They outsource these services to another company.

Why do businesses choose to outsource?

There are multiple reasons why outsourcing is considered a better alternative:

Typically, outsourcing is much cheaper than hiring an in-house expert. Businesses save a lot of budget for perks and benefits and don’t worry about regular raises and bonuses. Due to these reasons, many small businesses and cash-strapped startups choose to outsource application development services.

Outsourcing application development saves a considerable amount of time, and it only requires a few hours to explain to your outsourced development company what your project is about. In addition, you are also not required to take them through an in-depth training session, which is almost inevitable if you decide to hire an in-house development team.

After all, businesses involved in software development work with various clients, and their employees are usually quite experienced. It will allow you to work with a team of senior developers, which means the whole process will go pretty smoothly.

However, let’s get more specific: outsourcing is a fairly general term. You could outsource all kinds of services, from customer support and marketing to IT development and QA testing.

Why do businesses often choose to outsource mobile App Development?

One of the primary reasons businesses choose to outsource mobile app development services is because it reduces time to market, lower project costs, and improves product quality.

  1. Cost Reduction

Without a doubt, cost reduction is one of the most significant benefits of outsourcing. By outsourcing application development projects, businesses can eliminate all the labor costs they require, like the requirement to hire a competent developer, pay monthly wages – and the high legal overheads – and the severance pay upon completion of the project. Moreover, there is no need to invest in the necessary technology required to develop an app. In addition, the web application development service provider has all the technical prerequisites to realize the work and the maintenance and the good functioning of the application depend on them.

2. Control over the core competence

The more activities a business wants to handle internally, the greater the distribution of the necessary employee workforce. There is always a risk that the primary activity of the business will no longer be adequately served. Due to these reasons, application development outsourcing is beneficial; in part, it helps lighten a company’s workload. Simultaneously, it also aids businesses in focusing on their core competencies and increasing efficiency and productivity. In this manner, those responsible can pursue new goals and meet new requirements.

3. Specialization and quality

By outsourcing mobile app development projects, businesses can rely on professionals whose core competence is the development of smartphone applications. This way, companies can ensure that they get a quality application that will easily outperform the competition. However, it is also essential that those responsible for the brand are in constant communication with the outsourced development company to convey the idea of the business and values to the business. This way, businesses can get a precisely tailored application to fulfill their business needs.

4. Efficiency

Most application development companies focus on quality to stay afloat in today’s fast-paced technology world. Nowadays, competence is very high, so they try to hire the best-qualified specialist, have the most modern equipment, and deliver the highest possible quality while focusing on efficiency.

5. Perfect team management

Most smartphone app development companies have excellent and well-thought-out strategies and infrastructure for carrying out different projects. In addition, their advanced workflow management tools help deliver good business automation and quality results on time.

6. Security

In addition to high-quality production, there is also an aspect that must be considered while developing a smartphone application. Sure, it’s security. In business application development, this aspect is imperative since the consequences can be life-threatening in case of hacking or data loss. In this regard, the mobility of outsourced application development companies can help. Non-disclosure agreements, along with all the necessary legal documents and, of course, robust security mechanisms, ensure the security of your project from all sides.

7. Round-the-Clock Support

Due to time zone differences, the round clockwork is usual for outsourcing businesses. While in-house teams work 5/7 days and 40 hours a week, outsourced development companies can work with the 24/7 regime.

8. Maintenance & Support Period

Maintenance and support services can also be included in your development contract when outsourcing enterprise web application development services. As a result, after the end of the development process, the outsourcing team will continue to support and maintain the project by continuously fixing bugs and providing updates, whether an Android or iOS application.

To sum up

Don’t think twice if your business requires an app and wants it to be developed with top-notch quality and in the shortest period. Outsource enterprise application development to a trusted application development services provider, whether domestic or overseas, and you will never regret your decision.

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