Preparing for the Baby: 6 Things to Do Before Giving Birth


It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time parent or are expecting the third addition to your family; having a baby is always a roller coaster of different emotions. And as the months pass and the due date draws near, you wait with your fingers crossed, hoping everything goes well. At the same time, the anxiety of being a new parent is nerve-wracking; not to forget, the lack of time and energy prevent you from completing routine tasks. However, there are a few things that you should do before the baby’s birth as preparation for its arrival. It will also help you be fully prepared for the future so you can savor the initial weeks with your baby in peace. Some of the things you need to do are:

1. Get your vaccinations done

Completing your vaccine courses before the delivery is crucial for the mother’s and baby’s health. The reason is that these vaccines protect not only the mother but also the baby. Vaccination ensures that the antibodies that develop in the mother’s body in response to them cross the placenta and help protect the baby against serious diseases. Apart from that, acquiring vaccinations ensures that there are minimum complications during the pregnancy as well as during the delivery. However, vaccination is not enough; to reduce the chances of or at the very least be prepared for serious conditions like those resulting from birth injuries that can cause life-long disabilities, read guides for birth injuries and cerebral palsy from

2. Prepare the baby gear

We’re pretty sure you have already added tons of baby gear into your shopping cart. But the best time to buy, set up, and learn the functions of the baby gear is before the baby’s arrival. Moreover, it is also crucial to limit yourself when buying baby gear and only stick to the essentials. Some of the most essential baby gear include a bassinet, car seat, and crib. If you want to buy an infant swing, a changing table, or something else, then opt to assemble them all and set them in their places before the delivery. But keep in mind to buy things that are sturdy, reliable, and usable in the long run. Moreover, also set up the nursery by assembling the crib, mattress, changing station, wardrobe, and baby monitor.

3. Prepare and freeze meals in advance

Consider preparing and freezing meals a week or so before the due date, so you don’t have to worry about cooking after the baby is born. This way, it also reduces the chances of unhealthy eating in the form of take-outs and packaged foods. While you can expect your friends or family members to bring some food, relying on other people solely is never a good idea. Therefore, find suitable recipes that can be premade, frozen, and reheated when the time comes.

4. Find a doctor for the baby

Looking for a reliable pediatrician or doctor during your second trimester is always a good idea. It may seem too early for it, but making such a decision will save you from hassle later on, giving you plenty of time to find someone reliable. Moreover, you might also want to ensure that your healthcare provider will accept the new patient and if it will fall under your health insurance plan.

You can call your health insurance provider to inquire about the process of adding a baby to your insurance plan and find out which healthcare providers will be covered. Then, shortlist from the provided list of pediatricians, and choose someone reliable.

5. Get on the same page as your partner

While preparing for the baby’s arrival, you must also prepare for how your life will change after the baby is born. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss labor support and other important aspects beforehand. The reason that partners have different expectations regarding household responsibilities and parenthood can become a source of conflict, especially for new parents. Therefore, work out these problems beforehand to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page at the time of the baby’s arrival.

6. Prepare the siblings and pets for a baby

If you already have older children, then it is time to prepare them for a new addition to the family because they will be affected even more than you. It will take a couple of months to accept the idea that they have a new sibling, so it is better to start preparing them beforehand.

You can use props such as a baby doll to make your child understand what’s happening. You can engage them in pretend play to teach them how to be gentle around a baby, and familiarize them with the concept of feeding or changing a newborn. This way, the older children can develop their protective instinct beforehand without getting territorial or raising a racket when the new baby comes.

Similarly, if you have a pet in the house, training them to be around a baby is crucial. For this reason, you can contact a local trainer for assistance and train them yourself. In addition to that, don’t forget to hire a pet sitter for your pet or hand them over to someone else temporarily while you’re at the hospital.


A new baby will bring a plethora of changes to your life. For this reason, it is crucial to start planning for it beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly. From preparing meals to dividing parenting responsibilities, it is better to handle all of these aspects of life as a parent before the new baby arrives.

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