Taking advantage of Image Analysis to Build Your Brand

People tend to perceive images much faster than text. Even on the covers of newspapers long before the current social media, we had images alongside texts to entice readers before they read the story.

A brand that wants to grow must understand the meaning of image analysis, consider its use and how to improve on it, how its audience perceives images, and how it can impact a brand, as well as how to grow and maintain a positive analysis.

What Does Image analysis Mean?

Image analysis is how computers can identify and recognize certain attributes within a given image. It is also referred to as image recognition or computer vision.

Most sites on social media originally developed from text analysis but soon discovered the essence and need of image recognition to help grow and protect their brands. Image recognition is a mutated form of text analysis that is based on visual content.

Images, unlike texts, do not have to be translated. Thus if a brand is being marketed outside the native country, for example, the image would remain the same. If it were a text, there would be a need for translations which might make them lose the true essence of the original advertisement.

Taking advantage of image recognition

Using your image and text analysis simultaneously is a great way of understanding customer perception concerning your brand. It lets you know your brand’s standing compared to your rivals, how customers feel regarding your products and brand, and just how far-reaching your campaigns get.

Impact of Image recognition on audience perception

Image perception gives you a clearer picture of how, where, and who is using your products. It enables you to understand how your brand/logo is utilized. A picture may be used for the wrong purposes, thus enabling you to protect your brand’s reputation by taking down such an image or dissociating your brand’s name from the image.

It also gives you better insight into newer markets locally or even globally.

Image recognition and brand perception, how are they linked? 

Before purchasing from a brand, customers need to trust a brand and its authenticity. With this knowledge, brands need to know how well their brand is exposed and its impact on potential customers.

Image recognition is helpful as a brand gets to see the emotions displayed, scenes, objects, and logos that may be in pictures with your brand.

Analyzing images also helps understand the visual context under which customers experience the brand giving you a new way to achieve your marketing goals.

It gives you a bar through which you can measure the impact of the brand depending on your target audience. Let’s say your brand targets travel enthusiasts; a post featuring cars may give insight into how the audience reacted to the images.

Growing and maintaining your brand’s image Through Image Recognition

Image recognition can be crucial in protecting your brand’s reputation. You get an in-depth insight into how consumers talk and feel about your brand.

A brand can identify sources that help bring potential customers, such as influencers.

Some people use fake logos resembling yours, which may tarnish your brand’s name or reputation. With image analysis, it is possible to keep track of potential risks that could jeopardize the company’s name. A caption with only texts may not be tracked immediately, but using text and image recognition can help review posts that may be potentially harmful to your brand.

With image recognition tools, it is possible to keep track of positive or negative use of your brand’s name or logo and take appropriate measures.

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