Magnificent Scenarios: A World Cup Filled With Amazing Moments


On Sunday, November 13, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), England won the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 by beating Pakistan by five wickets.

Overall, the World Cup had some great matches and some surprises, but the final was very one-sided because Pakistan’s batsmen didn’t show up. The much-anticipated “flagship” match between India and Pakistan, which was played in front of a full MCG, lived up to the hype. The Men in Blue won by four wickets, mostly because of how well Virat Kohli played.

Unlike the last T20 World Cup, which was held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last year, none of the games were decided by the coin toss. No matter who batted first, both teams had the same chance to keep their deal.

According to information regarding twenty20 world cup live, let’s look back at the top moments of the tournament.

  •  Ireland’s ecstatic celebrations after beating England

Ireland’s captain, Balbirnie, batted first and got 62 runs off of 47 balls. In the end, the Irish team got 157 runs. Joshua Little bowled England’s captain, Jos Buttler, who had no runs, and Alex Hales, who had seven, in his first over.

When rain stopped play after 14.3 overs, England was 105/5. After it was officially announced that Ireland had won, the team had a very emotional celebration with friends, family, and fans.

  • Shaheen Afridi’s brutal treatment of Alex Hales

Shaheen Afridi’s run at the T20 World Cup 2022 was cut short when he couldn’t finish the number of overs he was given in the final.

Hales (1) was the first defender that Pakistan lost, but when he bowled him out with a great ball, it gave the team reason to be hopeful.

Over the wicket, the left-arm seamer shaped a ball on good length back sharply. Hales tried to get the ball over the goal line with one last swipe, but he was outrun and outmuscled. All he heard was the sound of the ball hitting the wickets.

  • Kagiso Rabada’s dive forward to catch Hardik Pandya 

Kagiso Rabada’s bowling performance in the T20 World Cup 2022 was inconsistent.

On the field, though, he excelled. In South Africa’s Super 12 match against India in Perth, he made a spectacular catch that was talked about for days.

After India chose to bat first, they were in a dangerous situation at 42 for 4. Hardik Pandya’s dismissal off Lungi Ngidi’s bowling by Rabada brought their score to 49/5.

On a pull, Pandya twisted his wrists and the ball died on Rabada, who was fielding at fine leg. But he did a great job of judging the catch and making a great diving catch.

  •  KL Rahul’s direct hit made Litton Das run out.

KL Rahul, who was an opener for Team India at the 2022 T20 World Cup, had two scores of 50 or more. People will remember him more for running out Litton Das in the Super 12 match against Bangladesh.

At 68-1, Bangladesh seemed to be in good shape as they tried to reach 185, but rain cut that number down to 151 in 16 overs.

Das hit a ball from Ravichandran Ashwin to deep midwicket with the score at 60 for no loss after 27 balls. He then ran back for a second. He lost his balance when he turned, and Rahul hit him right in the middle.

Das tried very hard, but he couldn’t even get close to the crease. When Das was taken out of the game, Bangladesh lost all of its strength, and India won by a very small margin.

  •  Zimbabwe beats Pakistan by one run.

In a nail-biting Super 12 match at the T20 World Cup 2022, Zimbabwe beat Pakistan 20–19. In order to get to 131, Pakistan needed three runs from the last ball.

Afridi hit a full delivery from Brad Evans to long-on. He couldn’t keep up with the pace and couldn’t finish the second run, which would have tied the game.

The ball was sent in perfectly by Sikandar Raza, but Regis Chakabva, the goalie, dropped it. He was lucky to wake up in time to take the bails off while Afridi was still outside the crease.

The Zimbabwean camp was very happy when the wicket fell.

  • Suryakumar’s amazing sixes against Zimbabwe

Suryakumar Yadav had a great run at the T20 World Cup in 2022, and he hit some spectacular shots.

But he hit two fantastic sixes. In the last over of India’s game against Zimbabwe in Melbourne, he did not play up to his high standards.

The third ball Richard Ngarava threw in the 20th over was a full toss outside. Suryakumar knelt down and aimed the delivery over a deep backward square leg in a casual way.

When the last ball of the over was a similar one, Suryakumar lost his balance at the last second, scooped it, and hit it over the fence.

  •  Virat Kohli hit off Haris Rauf

Pakistan’s defense of 159 was mostly successful at the MCG match between Pakistan and India. For the Men in Blue to win, they needed to score 31 runs in the last two overs.

Haris Rauf would have been trusted by the Pakistani team to bowl a tight over. Even though Kohli didn’t make many mistakes, two sixes were hit because of how smart he was.

The slower, shorter ball that came from the bowler’s end of the over was hit for a six by Kohli. The batsman didn’t stop moving as he flicked the last ball of the over over fine leg.

Mohammad Nawaz broke under the pressure as India rode the momentum into the last over and scored the 16 runs they needed for a historic win.

  • Ben Stokes’s Victory Roar

Stokes, an all-around player for England, didn’t do much with the bat in the T20 World Cup 2022, except for a perfect 46 against Sri Lanka in a must-win Super 12 game. Why? He saved his best work for last.

England is in a terrible 45/3 position in a championship match against Pakistan. They are trying to win. But Stokes’s patience like a monk kept the innings going. He stayed until the very end and helped get the team across the finish line, which gave them the win. It was only fair for England that he got the run that decided who won the T20 World Cup.

He let out a champion’s shout after hitting Mohammad Wasim for a single toward midwicket. After that, the party started in England’s camp.

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