Key tips for cheaper business energy


Business owners usually don’t notice the amount of money their business utilities drain away unnecessarily. There are some business owners who admit that reducing energy costs is crucial to achieving business growth, and some proactively review the energy market before they decide to sign their new energy contracts while others simply let their current business energy contract to roll-over. This means that business owners end up paying more money when a simple switch can save them tons of cash each year. This article provides some key tips for cheaper business energy.  

Check your business energy contract end date

The initial correspondence with your business energy supplier can have your energy end date. It can also be on your business energy bill, so make sure that you check your energy bill. 

This is just the first thing you should do, but waiting for your business energy contract to expire before you decide to act can mean that you have missed your chance to get a great energy deal. It’s a good idea to work back at least six months from your business energy contract expiry date and write a date in your diary so that you can have enough time to negotiate the best energy deal.

Renewal letter

All business energy suppliers need to send you the renewal letter, though this tends to vary when it comes to the period this arrives. But when it reaches you, you should consider it as your last trigger for action. Most businesses engage in the energy market even before the renewal letter arrives so that they can compare the energy prices available on the market.  

The key is to be vigilant, meaning you need to act in advance of renewal letters and contact an energy broker to help you review the energy market before you choose a business energy supplier. You need to ask your current business energy supplier when you can expect to receive their renewal letter and it may happen if you fail to act. 

Moving business premises

If you decide to move into new business premises, then this can be the right time to find the best business energy deal. Take note that it can also not be the right time. This is because you may be busy dealing with the move and you can also be receiving several calls from some sales people who claim to be from the meter agencies or even some other officials demanding that you sign the business energy contract right away or risk being cut off.

It’s sometimes easy to identify these things, but when you are busy it can be hard to spot the obvious. Because you may have an idea when you want to relocate, you need to contact a business energy broker. You can tell them the date you are moving so that they can act on your behalf.   

A business energy broker can contact the energy supplier to your new premises and tell them about your move. In this way, they can arrange for you a new business energy contract. If you want to retain the same energy supplier, they can also make sure that your energy contract is in place.

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