Do You Really Win Money On Blackout Bingo?


Blackout Bingo can be a good addition to your selection if you prefer killing time with traditional games like hearts as well as Solitaire.

A great thing about these games is that they are now easily accessible through apps that you can quickly download on your smartphone and some apps have made it more exciting to play games by offering cash prizes if you win.

With Blackout Bingo, you can now enjoy playing the game and win real money at the same time. This might seem too good to be true for bingo enthusiasts. So if you are curious to find out if it’s possible, then continue reading.

What is Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is an entertaining new game app that adds a social component to online gaming and lets you play for a range of real prizes, including real money in some circumstances, but only where that is permitted.

Blackout Bingo, formerly known as Blackout Blitz, is a free bingo game that can be played in a variety of ways and is provided by the Skillz gaming platform. On an iPhone or iPad, the app may be downloaded from the Apple Store, and Android users can download it through the Google Play Store.

As a kid, you probably have played the traditional bingo game with your family or friends. Blackout Bingo is a variation of the classic game of bingo where winning requires players to cover every square on their bingo card.

Blackout bingo means engaging a large audience by turning it into a video game on the Blackout Bingo app. The great thing about this game is that you can play bingo anytime, anyplace, with players from all over the world, without having to wait for “Bingo Night” at the community center!

Features of Blackout Bingo

This game is fun and exciting to play, especially when you are so close to covering all the boxes and saying the word “Bingo” out loud. But now that you can even make money out of it makes it far more exciting and engaging.

It is worth mentioning that various YouTubers have mentioned that they easily make around $300 or even more than that just by playing this game.

You might be wondering, how is it even real, or is this game even legit? Well, here I will be mentioning some of the ways that can prove that Blackout Bingo is a real money game and even you can win.

Moreover, if you are interested in playing this game, then check out the Joy Wallet website to find this game along with various other money-making games, plus their reviews.

•      Bonus cash

Every game you play in Blackout Bingo awards you points. To be eligible to win prizes, you must acquire z tokens. You must get 1 z token to move past the training match. However, if you spend that 1 z token, you can play in a 2 z game and if you succeed, you get the chance to double your tokens.

You can also receive additional points for making accurate daubs, playing quickly, winning Bingo, winning several Bingos, or even landing in a place that awards X2 bonus points.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you get bonus points, which turn into bonus money in the game. You can level up or buy other in-app features with bonus money.

•      Real cash

When using gaming applications, real money is a topic that is frequently questioned. Many apps make promises of actual money but fail to deliver. When you use game apps like Blackout Bingo, you can earn real money!

By playing games and winning, encouraging others to play, or even trying out new variations or other games from the same developer, you can earn real money. The easiest method to make real money is to earn Tickets.

For instance, if you achieve 20k in Tickets, you can receive $1. You’ll need to play a lot of games to reach 1,250,000 Tickets, sure, it can take you a lot of time, but once you start playing, you won’t want to stop! and you’ll receive$100.

Furthermore, when your friends start to play as well and learn how much fun Blackout Bingo is, you may earn $20 for each one of them who deposits

•      Real prizes

You have the option to play for actual prizes if you don’t want to compete for real cash awards. You may be able to purchase a Skillz t-shirt by earning 140K tickets.

The great thing about these prizes is that the prizes increase in value and might be anything from camera lenses to portable speakers to solar phone chargers, phone cases, mugs as well as phone cases, and so much more.

Do keep in mind that you will need a lot of Tickets to win the more expensive prizes, like 860K tickets for a solar phone charger. However, if you play frequently, you will be able to collect the Tickets regularly.

How much money can you make with blackout bingo?

Blackout bingo is quite similar to other popular cash-winning games. So you must know that if you can consistently play as well as win the matches, you will be rewarded with a lot of money quickly.

It is also worth mentioning that if you learn all the ups and downs of the game, know how the bonuses function, and use your mental skills, then there are a lot of chances of winning real money.

However, you must know that if you do not put any of your money into the game, then achieving that goal might not be easy or even possible. It can take you a lot of time to get to the point where you earn enough tickets, just so you can use them to get additional money. you may also like wpit18

But once you do have the extra money, you will be able to take part in games that offer real cash. To add on, you can only take part in the z-coin games and win prizes if you only have z coins.

Blackout bingo pros and cons

•      Pros:

1.     Supportive online resources.

2.     Cash and real prizes.

3.     Improve bingo abilities and fun to play.

4.     Simple to start and download.

5.     Free to start playing.

6.     Available globally except where cash games are not allowed.

7.     Has a great promotional code program to receive free bonus money.

•      Cons:

1.     Players face some serious issues that can reset players’ level progress.

2.     Players can be charged with a fine if they are frequently inactive.

3.     Withdrawing money that is $9.99 or less incurs a $1.50 fee, but the money that is $10 or more is free.

4.     It’s easy for players to lose real money.

5.     To play, one has to be at least 18 years old.

6.     There is no possibility of winning money for free; you will have to pay for entry.

7.     Some gamers claim that the app has programmed bots that are participating in the game.


Now that you know that making money with Blackout Bingo is possible, you can also try to play and make money. You can play easy on your smartphone, whether from the App Store or Google Play.

However, you must know that even though Blackout Bingo can help you earn money, it might not be as simple or quick as you’d want.

It could take some time to earn enough tickets and convert them into bonus cash to be able to take part in game modes with cash prizes, especially if you don’t wish to deposit any of your own money.

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