Cricket Betting Tips: 3 Beginner-Friendly Tips To Help You Win Your First Bet


Sports betting is one of the most popular ways to earn good money while enjoying the thrill of a game. Millions of people from all over the world put their money at risk in the hope of a higher return every single day. Some of them are very religious and regular with their bets and pursue or plan to pursue the industry professionally, while others bet just for a fun night. 

Cricket was first introduced to the Indian subcontinent during the British Raj and has since amassed millions of enthusiasts of the sport. With the evolution of online bookmakers and bookmaking platforms, cricket match betting has become accessible to every cricket fan, all thanks to the internet!

The list below discusses three beginner-friendly tips to help you understand the betting market and win your first cricket bet. Let’s get started.


Cricket undoubtedly is a game full of uncertainties, where a favorite can turn into an underdog and an underdog into a favorite within a few overs. The star player of the team can be done and dusted for the day because of a small mistake, and newcomers can spin the entire game with their performance. One such example that perfectly reflects the uncertain nature of the game is the T20 series between India and England in 2017. India chose to bat first and scored a respectable chase of 202. The Englishmen were off to a good start until Yuzvendra Chahal came with the ball and knocked off 6 wickets for 25 runs, leading to a glorious victory of 2-1 in the series.

There is no way for you to predict the outcome of a match with 100 percent accuracy, especially in the shorter formats of the game, such as T20 tournaments. While risks are inevitable in betting, there are certain ways to increase your chances of earning profits. One such popular strategy that works, despite the unpredictable nature of the game, is betting on both sides of the match. Every match has a favorite, and while they have higher chances of winning the game, the winning chances of an underdog are never zero. Therefore, putting money on both teams can be a good idea to get yourself guaranteed profits.

There are two popular ways to bet for this strategy, one is known as arbitrage betting, and the other is middling. In both cases, punters bet on multiple outcomes of the same game to increase their chances of earning profits.


Betting is still a new concept to many, and bettors, especially beginners see the concept as some miraculous way to earn truckloads of cash every day. But in reality, earning money from betting is not as easy as it looks. While luck does play an important role in deciding your fate, knowledge about the sport and money-making skills are as important to win profits, if not more. So, if you are in there with the expectation to earn millions overnight, you will get disappointed sooner or later. 

This is not to discourage anyone, but quitting your job after winning three back-to-back bets is probably not a good idea. It takes years worth of effort, time, and money to pursue the industry professionally, so think twice before coming to any conclusion. On the contrary, also try not to get discouraged after a few initial failures, as betting is highly uncertain, and even professionals have to face losses. Try to keep your emotions in check, as they are one of the major reasons for losses among punters. It is very easy to fall into the cycle of chasing your losses if you do not have a strict betting budget. 


One of the key decisions that a captain has to take before any cricket match is to choose whether to go for batting or bowling first. This is done by a random coin toss and the captain who wins the toss gets the chance to choose their side on the pitch. 

But what might look like a random event on the outside, in reality, holds a lot more importance than estimated by the general audience. The coin toss is a key factor in deciding the overall mood or the outcome of a match. According to a study, more than 60 percent of the T20 World Cup matches are won by the teams who choose to bat first. It is, therefore, important to not underestimate the value of a simple coin toss, as it can impact the outcome of a match. 

The majority of the toss decisions are based on the nature of the pitch and weather conditions. This is because there are no set standards for the soil composition of the pitch, and different pitches favor different situations. For instance, the high moisture content of a pitch due to rain or humidity favors the bowling team, especially the fast bowlers.

 This is because a typical pitch has 35-40 percent of clay in its composition and moisture tends to soften the pitch. The ball after its delivery sinks down a few millimeters into the pitch, increasing the area of contact between the ball and the pitch, thereby increasing the force of friction. The increased frictional force decreases the momentum of the ball, confusing the batsman to play their shot early and lose a wicket. On the other hand, a dry pitch with small cracks favors the batting side, as the ball comes straight to the bat without much deviation unless it hits one of the few cracks on the pitch.

Another thing people fail to realize is the importance of being patient throughout their journey. There are no magical spells or guidebooks to help you make 100% accurate predictions. It all comes down to your research, skills, and patience. Betting is not a lottery that can turn you into a millionaire overnight, so prepare a strategy, have patience, and let the power of compounding do its trick.

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