Avoid These Mistakes in Your Alcohol Detox


Alcohol addiction is easily curable these days. Besides rehab and recovery, there is now an option for an independent alcohol detox, which you can use to relieve your body. During a detox, your body will be freed from the grips of all the drug traces and once you are clean, you will feel free from addictions. Even if you get into a detox center for the procedure, there are few mistakes you need to avoid to make it more effective.

Ignoring the Treatment Plan

Your detox program starts with a treatment plan. This includes your physical and psychological assessment, detox sittings, therapies, and counseling. All these procedures will be charted out for you and all you need to do is follow them one by one. You should not make the mistake of skipping some of any of these steps. This will turn out to be detrimental to your recovery. Some people who have skipped certain steps have been seen regretting their choices. You do not want to end up with an improper recovery from your addictions.

Consuming Drugs During Detox

This is a serious mistake you should definitely avoid. You need to remember that you are in the detox facility to quit your drugs. You cannot allow your temptations to overpower you during the process. Because if you do, all your efforts will go to waste, not to mention the complications that may rise during your next sitting at the detox. You will go through a medical detox procedure and taking in more drugs will not yield desirable results.

Not Taking Enough Rest and Food

While you stay at the drug detox clinic, make sure you get enough food and rest every day. Many patients, being stressful and anxious of the procedure, tend to lose their sleep and appetite during their stay. The detox procedure itself is a tiring one and that combined with improper rest and a loss of appetite will make you weaker by the day.

Managing Withdrawal and Relapse Symptoms on Your Own

A common mistake people make during detox is not reporting their physical and psychological disturbances to their attending officers. You will be assigned a personal healthcare manager who will monitor your daily progress. You can ask for their support in times of distress and discomfort. You don’t have to deal with the problems on your own when there is care and support available 24/7.

Secluding Yourself Without Support

While at the detox center, be lively and get along with the other people there. You will be staying at the center for at least 4 days. The detox for the drug can last up to 7 days. You can interact with the people and share your stories with them. You can also listen to their side. You don’t have to go sit alone and brood over anything. Between the support and the urgent care provided at the center, you will not need any other form of care and attention to come out of your addictions.

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