5 Maintenance Tasks for Your Truck


Trucks are the same as any other vehicle because they need consistent maintenance to keep working hard. When you carry out maintenance tasks, you have the opportunity to spot issues and fix them – before they cost a fortune. If you need to understand what tasks should be carried out, continue reading below. 

Have the Truck Inspected

Regular maintenance is beneficial, but you should have it routinely inspected by a professional to find out if there are any other issues. While you’re having the inspection carried out, it’s the perfect time to make adjustments to your ride by shopping for truck accessories, which can improve the functionality of your truck. 

Switch the Oil and Engine Filter

Clean oil helps to protect moving parts in your truck and will make it last much longer. Engine oil comes into contact with dirt, debris, and dust from the outside world, which causes the engine to stop working at its full potential. 

The frequency of oil and filter changes will depend on the manufacture of your truck. The best place to find this information is in the owner’s handbook. However, as a benchmark, it’s recommended to change oil after 7,500 miles or six months (for post-2008 cars). If your car was manufactured in 2007 or below, the frequency changes to 5000 miles or at six-month intervals. 

Observe the Fluid Levels

Engine oil isn’t the only fluid that needs checking. You will need to observe the following:

  • Steering fluid. Responsible for ensuring the steering system keeps moving properly. Changing this fluid will increase the shelf life of expensive parts. 
  • Windshield washer. Windscreens get filthy over time, which is why you need enough windshield washer. Having dirty windows can obscure your vision and lead to unnecessary accidents. 
  • Brake fluid. Brake fluid draws in moisture over time, which causes brakes to stop working properly. 
  • Engine coolant. Engines operate at high and low temperatures. Engine coolant makes sure they stay just right. 

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your truck does more than leave your ride looking fabulous – it prevents abrasive materials from damaging the paintwork. During the winter or if you live in a snowy location, you will need to clean more regularly because of the salt and sand buildup.

While you’re focusing your efforts on cleaning, you may as well target the inside and underside. There are plenty of components under your car, and it’s just as important to maintain as anywhere else. 

Rotate the Tires

Rotating your tires is essential for getting the most out of your tread, and it doesn’t just mean turning your wheels. There are different rotation patterns depending on the type of truck you have, so it will be easier to take it into a garage. When the work is completed, a mechanic can check the underside of your car for signs of damage. 

The truck maintenance tasks outlined above are the fundamentals – there are plenty more jobs you can carry out. The more effort you put into caring for your truck, the more life you will get out of it. 

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